FormFast for Human Resources

Improving Human Resources by Optimizing Processes

StaffMemberAs healthcare shifts from a volume-based delivery model to a value-based system, the need for greater efficiency and quality has increased.


Therefore, improving operational excellence has become a priority.  This is especially true for healthcare human resources.


HR leaders are seeking ways to empower hospital staff to more effectively manage tasks, educate team members about the organization’s objectives and create an environment that fosters positive workforce engagement.


FormFast gives hospitals the tools they need to more effectively manage administrative work, monitor the completion of tasks, quickly respond to requests and notify staff of policy changes.


Both clinical and HR personnel value FormFast’s ability to streamline communication across the enterprise, allowing onboarding, offboarding, credentialing, employee recognition, employee status changes and more, to be completed and tracked electronically.   The result is a more efficient HR department and more productive, engaged staff.

Explore how FormFast addresses your HR challenges

Your Challenge The FormFast Solution
Reducing the amount of HR and Clinical staff time required for administrative tasks Save time by streamlining and managing processes with multiple approvals and notifications electronically
Performing effective, ongoing HR process improvement Leverage dashboards and reports to provide actionable data.
Ensuring employees feel recognized for exceptional work Provide a straight-forward platform that motivates employees, supervisors and senior leadership to recognize other employees for exceptional performance
Confirming completion of Onboarding and Offboarding tasks by the new hire and supervisors Easily add visibility and accountability with alerts and dashboards
Customizing Onboarding for physicians and internal leadership transitions Create custom workflows for clinical and executive levels to fit your process needs
Meeting Joint Commission New Hire Compliance Handle these requirements efficiently through workflow rules and reportable completion data.
An extremely busy IT staff Our software is deployed by our professional services staff and can be supported under our managed services model
Process inconsistency between facilities Link all your facilities through standardized and improved processes

Explore how FormFast improves your processes

Role The FormFast Solution

HR Manager

In between juggling the onboarding of multiple new hires and meeting Employee Engagement Initiatives, Jill has a lot on her plate. With FormFast, all tasks are properly assigned and tracked for new hires, and manual processes associated with the strategic goal are now automated.

New Hire

Katherine received her onboarding responsibilities from her supervisor, Brandon, using FormFast’s New Employee Onboarding Checklist. As a new RN, she is well positioned to quickly begin providing quality care to her patients due to the effective onboarding process.

Clinical Manager

Brandon constantly struggles to fit 12 hours of work into an 8 hour workday. Expected to provide coaching and recognition to all reports – including Katherine and Onboarding Mentor, Stacey – he is able to accomplish this on time and effortlessly with FormFast.

Onboarding Mentor

Stacey was nominated by her supervisor, Brandon, to be an Onboarding Mentor for Katherine. She received her assignment and electronically agreed to her expected responsibilities as the Onboarding Mentor via FormFast.


Susan is expecting quality care during her inpatient stay and will have the opportunity to provide feedback through the HCAHPS survey concluding her stay. She is impressed with the level of efficiency and engagement demonstrated by staff who utilize FormFast.


eForms and Workflow Technology

FormFast’s eForm and workflow technology is used to build custom applications to automate processes in HR and across the enterprise.

Without specialized skills, users can quickly design a workflow process, create electronic forms to capture data that can be viewed in dashboards and in reports, and intelligently route the documents anywhere in the organization.

The result is a more automated, standardized process that gives hospital leaders the information they need, increases accountability and accelerates the completion of tasks.

Explore FormFast's technology

Online Electronic Forms Library

Access all your HR forms from one centralized, online repository from anywhere in the organization.  Log into the FormFast system to access all eForms or link to online forms from existing portals or content management systems.

Fillable eForms

Replace existing paper versions of forms with feature-rich electronic forms that reflect the same look and feel of the paper forms your staff is used to, but are enhanced with the ability to capture discrete data, prefill data from other systems and more.


Visual Workflow Designer

FormFast makes it easy to quickly design workflow routes.  Simply drag-and-drop icons to define steps actions, users, group, workflow disposition and other items in the workflow process.

Customizable Dashboards

Make collected data actionable with dynamic dashboards populated with information gathered in eForms during the workflow process.  Gain insights into process issues and workflow bottlenecks.


Automated HR Processes


Automate your HR processes

Connect with FormFast to learn how you can streamline your HR tasks with our paperless eForms and workflow technology.