FormFast is utilized across the healthcare organization to solve a wide variety of automation challenges.  Whether your hospital is paper-heavy or mostly paperless, FormFast has the process automation solutions to help you achieve higher levels of productivity.



Medical records and clinical units appreciate the ease of use and peace of mind that FormFast brings.  Electronic forms are quickly created, approved, and organized in an eForms library that all authorized staff can easily access.


When forms need to be printed, staff have confidence that they are using approved forms, automatically imprinted with accurate patient information, and barcoded for proper archival.  Paperless solutions, like eSignature for patient consents, provide even greater efficiency and compliance protection.


Patient Access

Staff in patient access and registration areas use FormFast to improve the admissions process.  Admission packets are generated dynamically, producing the right forms for a particular patient, imprinting their demographics, and barcoding the forms without requiring any manual steps be done by registration staff.


Likewise, the collection of signatures is automated and paperless to ensure consent is properly recorded and efficient.  The result is a better workflow at admissions producing better engagement with the patient.


Human Resources

HR professionals need ways to effectively manage processes and enforce compliance with policy and procedure standards.  This is especially true in healthcare.


Hospital HR departments value FormFast’s ability to streamline communication across the enterprise, allowing credentialing, employee status changes, employee evaluations, and more to be submitted electronically.  FormFast also gives HR leaders the tools they need to monitor the completion of tasks, quickly respond to requests, and notify staff of policy changes.



Automating financial processes in the hospital is critical to delivering both clinical and business outcomes.  Purchase, capital expense, and supply requests must be responded to quickly in order to ensure staff have the resources they need to provide a high standard of care.


FormFast streamlines requisition, contract management, invoice processing, and other business processes, all while collecting financial data hospital leaders require in order to make sound fiscal decisions.


Risk and Quality

Process owners concerned with improving patient satisfaction and reducing liability understand the importance of effectively collecting good data.  FormFast provides the data they need to improve results and provide evidence of compliance.


Incident reports can be completed electronically through the FormFast system, which organizes required data to be submitted to PSOs.  Electronic surveys collect patient satisfaction data in the system which are reviewed to find ways to improve the patient experience.



Staff in IT roles value FormFast technology because it’s easy for them to manage and easy for their end-users to operate.


FormFast’s productivity platform is seen as a strategic tool that can be used to address many automation needs across their organization, reducing the amount of human and financial resources required to deliver high performance.  FormFast is also used to help the IT department manage their own tasks, including IT access requests, work orders, and more.


Revenue Cycle

FormFast helps accelerate the revenue cycle, increasing the likelihood that the hospital is fully paid or reimbursed.  Coding queries between doctors and coders can be automated to quickly correct deficiencies and to identify knowledge gaps to prevent future errors.


Revenue cycle staff also use FormFast to improve auditing processes, supporting enterprise-wide communication and providing fast access to data necessary to retain collected funds.



As electronic medical record systems (EMR) become ubiquitous in healthcare, the medical records department has had to quickly adapt to a new electronic environment.


For hospitals using pre-printed forms to collect patient information, FormFast is able to convert your traditional paper forms into electronic forms, helping hospitals transition to a paperless EMR.  FormFast’s process automation solutions can also be used to streamline administrative process in the HIM department.



FormFast’s technology makes it possible for patients to review and complete healthcare forms at home prior to a procedure or other appointment. In addition to filling out necessary health forms, patients are also presented with pre-care checklists to help them be fully prepared and educated on their care plan.


With FormFast, care coordinators and case managers can electronically send patients documents, such as pre-admission and intake forms, release of information forms, care checklists and types of patient education materials, prior to their arrival.



Even after a care event, patients need to remain engaged with their healthcare providers.


Post-care documents, such as checklists, patient satisfaction surveys, follow-up instructions, educational materials, and referrals can be automated by FormFast to more effectively transition patients to new care environments.